Carlos Santana is no Wyatt Toregas

It’s incredibly early in the career of Carlos Santana. Far too early to jump to any conclusions about his future.

But it’s never too early to see how he stacks up against former Tribesmen.

Santana is five games into his career and already has four RBI (thanks to his three-RBI game on Saturday against the Nationals). His numbers aren’t overwhelming, but that is a fairly impressive run-producing start for a rookie.

Over the last 50 seasons, only one Indians catcher has driven in more runs through his first five career games. And surprisingly, we don’t have to go back very far to find the only one better. You may remember Wyatt Toregas.

Toregas was called up last August and drove in five runs in his first five games. Unfortunately, he drove in just one more in his final 14 games of the season.

Based on the fact that he’s hitting .203 in 17 games as Akron this year, we may have already seen the last of Toregas.


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