So long Joe Tait

Joe Tait, legendary Cleveland sports broadcaster, called his last Cavaliers game on the radio last night. While he will undoubtedly be remembered most of as the voice of the Cavs for over 30 years, let’s not forget his 15 years covering the Indians, both on the radio and TV.

Tait was the voice of the Indians for 15 seasons

From 1973 to 1979 Tait and Herb Score called Tribe games on the radio for WWWE. Tait then transferred over to the TV, where he called games on WUAB through the 1987 season.

During that span, Tait saw an awful lot of really bad baseball.

The Tribe was a grand total of 182 games under .500 during Tait’s tenure as their play-by-play man, and never won more than 84 games in a year (1986) and never finished higher than 4th in the standings.

To sum up just how awful the Joe Tait era of Indians baseball was, try coming up with the pitcher who started the most games for the Tribe during his tenure. Good luck. (answer in the comments section).


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