Another quality start

I’m not a huge fan of the “quality start” stat. However, I feel obligated to continue to update this note for two reasons:

1. It’s so incredibly improbable that a staff featuring Carlos Carrasco, Josh Tomlin, etc would be off to such a great start.

2. The other teams on this list show why the Indians could still finish 15 games under .500

Over the past 25 seasons only three American League teams have had more quality starts than the 2011 Indians through 18 games. Here they are:

Rk Tm Year #Matching
1 CLE 1991 16 Ind. Games
2 CLE 1988 15 Ind. Games
3 BOS 1988 15 Ind. Games
4 LAA 2011 14 Ind. Games
5 CLE 2011 14 Ind. Games
6 CHW 2003 14 Ind. Games
The note itself sounds great, but then you look at the teams it becomes painfully obvious how meaningless it is. The 1991 Indians had quality starts in 16 of their first 18 games and still managed to lose 105 games. The ’88 Tribe didn’t fair much better, losing 84. At least the ’88 Red Sox give us some hope – they made the playoffs before being swept by the A’s.

So while we’re enjoying the fast starts of Tomlin and Carrasco, just remember, they aren’t doing anything that Scott Bailes and Rich Yett didn’t do before them.


2 thoughts on “Another quality start

  1. While you made some points about how meaningless QS are, let me tell you why they are. The starters can give us 6, 7 innings of work, and it takes a load off the bullpen. That’s huge. You also want to say how QS do not reflect playoffs, which is true, but what you forgot to mention is we never had the bullpen we have now, in keeping those leads for us, and giving us the wins. When Ernie “Macho” Camacho is our closer, like he was in the mid-to late 80’s, I dobn’t care care who you are, you’re not going to get many wins. But Chris Perez can give us those wins. It’s still early, but those QS are giving us chances to win now. We’ll see at the end of the season if the starters can give the team the same chances to win.

  2. Kevin, I certainly agree that this year’s bullpen could be much better than in 91 and 88. Perez is a borderline elite closer and Sipp has the potential to be a great setup man.

    But don’t forget that in 1988 Doug Jones was also among the league’s best closers. A good closer won’t fix everything.

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