Here we go again: the annual Tony Sipp collapse

Here’s how Tony Sipp‘s season goes. He’s dominant. He melts down. Then he’s dominant again.

Sipp could be in for rough stretch

In 2009 Sipp had a 2.77 ERA through his first 15 appearances and opponents were batting just .122 off him. Over his next six games, Sipp was horrendous, posting a 16.20 ERA with an opponents BA of .412. After settling down, Sipp made 25 more appearances over rest the season, with an ERA of 1.14 down the stretch.

In 2010 it was more of the same. Through his first 21 games Sipp had an ERA of 1.40. He then gave up 11 runs in his next three outings and over his next 27 games he had an ERA of 8.61. But once again Sipp settled down, posting an ERA of 1.74 in his final 22 appearances.

And here we go again in 2011… Sipp was nearly unhittable through his first eight appearances, but melted down last night against the Royals. If history tells us anything, he’s due for a rough month of May before he regains his confidence and morphs back into the elite 8th-inning setup man that he has the potential to be.

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