Quality Starts are a good sign

I guess this isn’t the best time to bring this up, following two rough outings by the staff, but I thought it was worth passing along.

The Indians have 26 quality starts through 36 games, tied for the 3rd longest streak of the wild card era. Excluding the 2011 Phillies (27 quality starts so far) each of the four teams with 26 or more won at least 85 games.

The bad news is that only the 2010 Rays made the playoffs, but I’m fine with that for two reasons. One, 85 wins just might get the job done in the AL Central this year. And two, even if we don’t make the playoffs 85 wins is about 20 more than I expected.

It’s obviously not a guarantee, but we’re getting deep enough into the season where we have to start taking this staff seriously.

[bonus note: the last Indians team that had more than 26 QS through 36 games was the 1968 staff led by Sam McDowell and Luis Tiant.]


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