Fewest career PA with 10+ HR

My good friend Mark Simon, whom you can find all over ESPN.com including the Baseball Today podcast (highly recommended) posed this question on Twitter today: minimum 2 AB, who is the greatest hitter all-time?

There are a million different ways to answer this very open ended question. Of course you could take the boring route and say Bonds, Ruth, etc. Simon, however, responded with Esteban Yan (2-2 with a HR). Using that same logic I suggested Keith McDonald (3-9, 3 HR).

Following that train of thought I decided to look up fewest career plate appearances for a player with at least 10 career home runs, and stumbled across two former Indians.

The record holder in this odd category is Luis Medina, who played his entire (very brief) career with the Tribe from 1988 to 1991. In 163 career plate appearances, Medina belted exactly 10 homers. His power surge was no fluke either. In the minors he averaged a home run once every 18 at bats, and hit 155 over the span of eight seasons, four of which came with the Tribe’s triple-A affiliate Colorado Springs where he played under both Mike Hargrove and Charlie Manuel.

Trailing Medina on the list is another former Indian, Jason Dubois, who was acquired in exchange for Jody Gerut in 2005. Dubois had 10 career home runs (two with the Indians) in 227 plate appearances. [side note: I’ve now managed to reference Dubois, he of a whopping 14-game Indians career, twice in the past week.]

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