Pitching efficiency rating – 1st half stats


A couple years ago I developed a stat called PER (pitching efficiency rating). The purpose of the stat is pretty self explanatory – to determine how efficient a pitcher is. I had posted the data on another site previously, but just uploaded some of it here where I’ll leave it for now (check out the new tab in the nav bar at the top for a full explanation.)

Updating the numbers is a tedious task, but I’ve used this time over the break to update the first half data.

Your first half PER leader is Justin Verlander, narrowly edging out Jered Weaver. Here’s the rest of the top ten:

First Half PER Leaders – Min. 12 Starts
Justin Verlander, DET
Jered Weaver, LAA
Roy Halladay, PHI
James Shields , TB
Cole Hamels, PHI
Johnny Cueto, CIN
Dan Haren, LAA
Cliff Lee, PHI
CC Sabathia, NYY
Felix Hernandez, SEA
As for the Tribe, the numbers are about what you would expect. Justin Masterson leads the way (.793), followed by Josh Tomlin (.784) and Carlos Carrasco (.743). In a distant 4th is Fausto Carmona (.719). And among pitchers with at least 10 starts, only two guys have posted a PER worse than Mitch Talbot‘s .682.
As a whole, the Tribe’s PER is just .745 – ranking the 23rd in all of baseball. In the AL, only the Blue Jays, Royals and Orioles have a worse team PER. That just goes to show you how dominant the bullpen has been. But if they’re going to remain in the playoff race, it’s safe to say they’ll need more consistency from the starters.
If you’re familiar with excel, feel free to download the data here and play around with the stats yourself. There’s a pivot table as well as all of the raw data in another tab.

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