Some All-Star break notes on the pitching staff

  • Justin Masterson is the 8th Indians pitcher (min 75 IP) since 1990 to post a pre-All-Star Break ERA under 3.00 and the first since Cliff Lee in 2008. The lowest in that time span belongs to Tom Candiotti (2.24 in 1991), who didn’t even make the All-Star team that year.
  • Josh Tomlin is the 10th Tribe pitcher since 1990 with double-digit wins before the All-Star break, but does so with the third-highest ERA of the group. The highest ERA in that span belongs to Charles Nagy, who went 11-4 with a 4.43 ERA in the first half in 1999.
  • Joe Smith has the lowest ERA (min 25 IP) of any Tribe pitcher since 1957 (as far back as the baseballmusings database goes). The previous low belonged to Derek Lilliquist (1.13) in 1993.
  • Amazingly, Mitch Talbot‘s 6.33 ERA is only the 4th highest by a Tribe pitcher (min 10 starts) before the break in the past five seasons. Fausto Carmona (7.42 in 2009), Jeremy Sowers (6.93 in 2007) and David Huff (6.71 in 2009) were all worse. Carmona’s dreadful 2007 first half is the Tribe’s worst since 1957. The only other pitcher above 7.00 in that span was Don Schulze (7.27) in 1985.

Tribe Trivia: Alvin Morman

To date, there have been 250 pitchers to make an appearance in an Indians uniform without ever winning a game.

The vast majority of them (Jorge Julio, Scott Stewart, Russ Swan, Jeff Juden – to name a few) made only a handful of appearances. But the leader in this category was a key man in the Tribe bullpen for the better part of two seasons.

Alvin Morman made 65 appearances in his Indians career, finishing with a record of 0-1. The reason for this is simple: he was a lefty specialist, rarely facing more than 2 or 3 batters at a time. But in 65 games you would expect to just stumble upon a victory. He holds the record in this category by a stunning 17 games.

Morman broke the record previously held by Orlando Pena (48). Trailing Pena are Dick Radatz (42), current Indian Joe Smith (37) and Chad Paronto (35).