Historically bad season for Marson, Valbuena

Just came across this stat from last season that blew my mind…

Entering 2010 the Indians hadn’t had a player bat under .200 with at least 275 plate appearances since 1917 (Joe Evans and Steve O’Neill).

That streak came to a screeching halt last year when both Lou Marson and Luis Valbuena hit under .200 – the first time a team had two players to accomplish the feat since the 1988 Dodgers (who, amazingly, still managed to win the World Series).

Marson’s poor numbers weren’t all that unusual for a catcher, but Valbuena’s stats were rare. Over the past 20 seasons only two other non-catchers with at least 300 PA posted an average under .200 and a slugging percentage under .300 – David Bell (’99 Phillies) and Lance Blankenship (’93 A’s).